Massage / Meridian therapy

Massage / Meridian therapy

What is Meridian Therapy ?

Meridian Therapy, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, is all types of treatment that results in stimulation of certain areas and on the energy channels of the body with Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, heat, electricity and magnets.

MERIDIANS are strings connecting acupressure points which are the pathways through which energy flows throughout the body. The meridian system has 12 principal meridians each connecting to an organ system.

Why we get sick !

We get sick because of the toxins that accumulate in our bodies over time through the food we eat. These toxins tend to block the cardiovascular system which is responsible for removing toxins, taking energy, oxygen and food to respective cells of a particular organ (s), causing the dysfunction of an organ(s) hence causing certain problems like blood pressure, strokes, kidney problems, ulcers, constipation, prostate, liver and all other organ problems like paralysis, back pain etc.

Commonlens Inn Meridian Therapy Center.

At the Commonlens Inn Meridian Therapy Center, we are skilled in reopening the communication of all meridians by using the proven biotechnological meridian massage machine and detoxifying creams. The treatment ensure pain relief is achieved instantly. We
also provide remedies for face wrinkles, belly fat, muscle pulls etc. Results are substantially noticeable after a 1 hour session of massage.

Service Pricing

Service Price
Checkup $30
Meridian Massage $40
Face Massage/Therapy $50
Head Massage/Therapy $50
Stomach $80