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About Us

About Us

Commonlens Inn is the ideal starting point to explore or take one of the many excursions, including Safaris and Gorilla Trekking.

With our self – catering facilities, Commonlens Inn is the ideal location for family, group, solo, couple and business visits to Uganda. Explore the Pearl of Africa and see the wonders of nature. While enjoying your stay, you need a place to relax and feel at home. You will love Commonlens Inn like we do!

Our mission is to cater for your need for comfort and to meet your desired expectations affordably.



Commonlens Inn is strategically located along Entebbe Road. Getting to the Hotel is a 25 minute drive from Entebbe International Airport and a 30 minute drive from the capital Kampala, and we welcome travelers with class.

Enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding hills and the new Entebbe Express Highway, from our eleven world class guest rooms and suites, set up with a touch of local flavor and homely comfort.


Robert Mutyaba was born 1973/ 04/ 24. He is a Ugandan Entrepreneur and the Director of
Commonlens Inn Hotel. He attended Mengo Senior Secondary School and Namasagali
college where he excelled in sports and the performing arts. As a child, Robert had the
burning desire to his earn way to a good life. He featured prominently in the TV show “Go
To School” that showed on the national broadcaster UTV.

Robert left for South Africa in 1999, where he would cross paths with multitudes of
immigrants, including Senegalese, Somalis and Ethiopians whose determination to succeed
against all odds provided him great inspiration.

Seeing often less fancy lot establish big shops in major cities after involving themselves in an
importation business that was near imaginable at the time in South Africa, challenged Robert.
While in the gym, hoping to take from the talent of the Senegalese, Robert forged a
relationship with Ibrahim Ndiaye, who introduced him to the business of importing clothing
and foot ware from China, Honk Kong and Thailand.

Exhausted by all the traveling, Robert often sought massage to find relief. He tried different
forms of massage, including, the Thai Massage, Acupuncture massage, the acupressure
massage and the meridian Massage. Fascinated by the effectiveness of the meridian
massage, Robert sought information about the techniques used, hoping to apply the therapy
himself one day. He would be told, as a gymnast, it is substantially easier for his ilk to learn
the trade if he they take up a course in sports science which provides adequate knowledge
about the human body anatomy.

Robert proceeded to attain the required skills in Meridian Therapy while in Asia. He would
however opt to apply his newly attained knowledge to unique cases of friends and family
while in South Africa.

After establishing Commonlens Inn Hotel in Uganda, upon his return, Robert thought it
proper to add meridian therapy and the supply of appropriate supplements to the hotel’s
service portfolio.

Now a certified Meridian Therapist, Robert is specialized in the human body energy
transmission, a treatment that ensures all organs communicate with the relevant energy
source and the cells of a particular body organ. The therapy helps the body to heal naturally
from multitudes of ailments, including the effects of strokes and high or low blood pressure
among many others.